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Message from Piero

Today I would like to inform you about some progress that we have achieved in the last few months. Recently we have experienced great difficulties in finding a good quality of tomato. They have been very acidic and watery I was not happy with the result of a few dishes. We have also been let down by our bread supplier for which, rightly, some of you have criticised us for the quality of the bread.

To resolve these two problems I decided in April to go to Sicily with Dawn and Alan to find the right tomatoes for our dishes and flour to make our own bread. Well it turned out to be the right thing to do because I found really one of the best tomatoes I have ever tasted. This is called “Pomodoro siccagno” which is a very old variety of tomato which adapted itself to grow without water as in Sicily, in summer, is very difficult that rains. This tomato is organic, has a very low amount of acidity, is very red and tastes amazing - just the flavour I remember when I was very young! I am so happy with this new produce that we also sell it at the restaurant at a remarkably good price! It comes in bottle of 680g as “passata”, it is very dense, smells great and the yield is very good. You need only 100g for a portion of 100g of pasta. It takes only 4 minutes to cook. Just put some garlic with a little of the best extra virgin olive oil you can find in a pan, on medium low to low heat. When the garlic starts to become golden put the tomato passata with some sea salt and after 4 minutes put the cooked pasta in the sauce and toss with more extra virgin olive oil and a few leaves of basil. The company who produce this tomato is a small artisanal company run by very nice people right in the middle of Sicily. The president of the company, Mr. Tommaso Alessi, very kindly showed us all the production procedure covering every aspect of it. I can tell you we noticed an exceptionally high level of hygiene in this factory.  After the passata they produce also a tomato sauce with wild fennel, fantastic! Also, a tomato sauce with little onion and chilli, you never have enough of it, just heat up for no more than two minutes and is ready to use. They produce as well semi dried tomatoes and “Astrattu”, which is tomato concentrate, the one to use in ragu’ and other dishes but with this quality now you can make exceptional bruschetta. The name of the company is Cooperativa Rinascita in Valledolmo, very far east of Palermo province. They also sell produce made by other members of the cooperative like pasta, with the superb flavour of old Sicilian durum wheat, which we now use at the restaurant, pulses, extra virgin olive oil, herbs and a few others. Sicilian produce at it’s best!

Did you know that in Sicily we grow among the best, the oldest and the healthiest wheat? Originated between east Mediterranean sea, Black sea and Caspian sea findings reveal the usage of wheat in Sicily is from 12000 years ago. It is 12000 years of genetic information. This is why this wheat knows how to take nutrients from the soil. It doesn’t need chemicals and weeds don’t grow among them in quantity because it is very tall, 1.6mt to 1.8mt, so they don’t need any herbicides. These old varieties of wheat are grown organically, are whole wheat and strictly stone ground as they should be. The amount of gluten is very low, 8% instead of 20% in the modern wheat. Less amount of gluten means very healthy wheat. When we make the bread the dough has not a strong fermentation but the result is bread that smells and tastes great as I remember when I was very young. The mill which produces this kind of flour is Molini del Ponte in the city of Castelvetrano in south west Sicily where Filippo Drago, the owner, with great effort and enthusiasm has managed in recent years to bring back to life these forgotten wheats as few other people in Sicily have done. It was a real pleasure to meet Filippo in the mill and very kindly he taught us how to make the original cous cous which very soon will appear on our menu. Percia sacchi, Tumminia, Russello Bidi’, Biancolilla, Maiorca are a few of the most popular old Sicilian wheat. So now we make our own bread which has already been appreciated by our customers. We are going to produce pasta as well in some new interesting original Sicilian shapes and new sauces which will be on the menu over the coming weeks.  

I look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant.



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